Our flush mount albums are printed on professional photo paper, with square cut corners and rigid, lay flat pages coated for protection.





 SHOWCASING ALBUM VANITY BOX {The Album in the video is AYAN Premier - 12 X 24"}


Available album sizes

The most sought after two album sizes are 9x12 & 12x24 (Panoramic). Larger & other sizes are also available on request.

Below is 9"x12" & 12"x24" Album Size Side by Side Comparison

9x12 Vs 12x24 Album Size comparison9x12 Vs 12x24 Album Size comparison9x12 Vs 12x24

9"x12" Album Lay Flat Design & Inner Page Layout

9x12 Layout9x12 Layout

12"x24" Album Lay Flat Design & Panoramic Inner Page Layout

12x24 Album Panoramic Layout 212x24 Album Panoramic Layout 2 12x24 Album Panoramic Layout 112x24 Album Panoramic Layout 1

Cover Options

The standard cover option is Linen with embossed bride & groom names. Other options include Leather Bound, Photo Wrap & Custom Photo With Glass Cover. Below is an example of Custom Photo With Glass & Photo Wrap Covers. 

Custom Photo Glass CoverCustom Photo Glass Cover

Album Production Process

-1- Client makes picture selection from their online gallery

-2- We design the album layout & send for client review

-3- Apply revisions to design if needed

-4- Manufacture & ship album to client